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NECKS, THE - The Necks Box

Format: 8 x CD BOX
Label & Cat.Number: ReR NECKS BOX
Release Year: 2015
Note: collectible 8 CD box with the main albums by the Australian 'post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience', active since 1980: RELEASE DATE 30.03.2015
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €60.00

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"Formed in Australia the late 1980s by Chris Abrahams, Tony Buck and Lloyd Swanton, the NECKS have been hailed as "one of the greatest bands in the world" by the New York Times.
The Guardian said: “Entirely new and entirely now...They produce a post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals." And Critic Richard Williams wrote in his book Blue Moment: "I think the new music I would find it hardest to do without, fifty years after Kind of Blue, is that produced by The Necks”.
8 of their best CDS are now in this sturdy box, at a very interesting price:

Hanging Gardens
Drive By
The Boys
Mindset." [label info]


"Die unvergleichlichen THE NECKS mit einer tollen und hochwertigen Werkschau in Form einer 8-CD Box. THE NECKS haben etwas geschafft, was nur wenigen Künstlern gelingt: einen singulären Stil zu kreieren, dabei eine ganz unverkennbare eigene Handschrift entwickelt und doch mit jedem neuen Album nicht einfach bewährte Rezepturen neu aufgekocht, sondern durch feinfühlige Neujustierung der Parameter neue Nuancen offenbart. Dies lässt sich wirklich auf alle Alben der Band übertragen. CHRIS ABRAHAMS (Piano), TONY BUCK (Drums) und LLOYD SWANTON (Bass) sind bereits seit 1989 als Band aktiv und veröffentlichten 16 Alben. Weit über die Grenzen ihrer australischen Heimat ist die Band bekannt. Nun erscheint eine kleine Werkschau
mit acht Alben der Band in einer hochwertigen Box. Inhalt: „Silverwater“ (2009), „Townsville“ (2007), „Chemist“ (2006), „The
Boys“ (1998), „Drive By“ (2003), „Aether“ (2001), „Hanging Gardens“ (1999) und „Mindset“ (2011)." [Broken Silence]

"Wow, if you DON'T have all these Necks cds, and you might not 'cuz some have been hard to find lately, then this box set is Christmas come early. Treat yourself! Eight of the aQ-beloved Australian minimal trance drone-jazz masters' ReR releases, circa 1999-2011, together in a handsome box. This hefty cube contains Silverwater, Townsville, Chemist, Drive By, The Boys, Aether, Hanging Gardens, and Mindset - each of which has received rave reviews on our list over the years (three of which were Records Of The Week, though all easily could have been). If we pasted in our reviews of all of them here, this review would be waaaay too long. So we'd just suggest if you're curious, please look 'em up on our site. Basically, though, it's a great chance for anybody who has slept on The Necks to get a big dose of some of the best, most original and hypnotic instrumental 'jazz' music ever.
Of course, they have other releases you should get too - we'd love a box set of their earlier stuff, and even this set is missing some Necks releases that came out during that 1999-2011 time span. Still, more than enough music here to keep you entranced for a long time..." (Aquarius Rec)