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FRANCK, YANNICK - The utmost Night

Format: mCDR
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm98
Release Year: 2014
Note: dark blue drones! - 24min one-tracker by one of our favourite "new-droners", creating mysterious, subtle, organic sound fogs with lots of virbrations, resonances, overtunes that float within..... the mystery of sound is somehow hidden in this..
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"belgian musician yannick franck, also founder of the idiosyncratics label, has developed a rather personal style combining sharp acoustic researches and abrasive walls of sound. described as trance-inducing, his music is based upon the treatment of various sources such as instruments, non-musical objects, voice, radio signals or field recordings. he has collaborated with various artists such as pietro riparbelli (k11), phil magi or alan trench and his past works were released by silken tofu, monochrome vision or silentes.
"the utmost night" is a splendid progressive drone that will keep you hooked until the last seconds" [label info]


"From Belgium we have Yannick Franck, who is also the boss of his own label (Idiosyncratics) but released his music on Silken Tofu, Monochrome Vision and Silentes. He went around the city of Ghent to record music in 'naturally reverberated locations' and to that end he uses electronics, drums, analogue synths and vocals. In twenty-four minutes he keeps building his piece, adding and adding layers of sound until it reaches a climax at twenty minutes and then the air is out quickly. It's not sure if I could detect all of these instruments in here, but surely there is lots and lots of electronics on hand here and towards the end also something that may constitute as 'drums'. Its all rather dark drone like and certainly also has the bearings of all things a bit noise rock. That was perhaps due to the use of guitar effects to create this somewhat gritty and distorted sound that grinded a bit like guitars. Quite a hermetically closed piece of music. Not to be played in a dark room, I'd say." [FdW/Vital Weekly]