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RAPOON - Dark Zero

Format: do-LP & CD
Label & Cat.Number: :retortae: elixir 11
Release Year: 2015
Note: "Enigmatic faces stare out from tableaux on walls and caves" - the rare special edition of this dark Russian RAPOON release: 2 x LP with elaborated cardboard cover & printer inner sleeves + CD of the same album and black plastic coverage with sticker... lim. 50 copies only !! LAST COPY!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €42.00

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Enigmatic faces stare out from tableaux on walls and caves.
Impenetrable and mysterious they haunt the mind.
On the last edge of vibration they cross.
Unwelcomed and uninvited. A murmur in a shadow.
A last breath.

They have a tendency to walk through walls.
Wheels of fire spit flames into the night.
A dark road echoes.
The stars vanish.
A face in darkness shines.
A ribbon on a trace weed.
The last curl of smoke.
Eyes wide and seeing.
They came.

The special edition (elixir 11) is a stickered black plastic bag containing 2LP (elixir 11.1) in a regular package and CD (elixir 11.2) packed in a different package - an envelope with a sticker. The music on 2LP and CD is totally the same.