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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Dekorder [056]
Release Year: 2011
Note: two completely improvised pieces created by the experimental use of one guitar & effects and a reverberated bass /contrabass clarinet..... very droney, analogue, focused... " A perfect soundtrack for some weird underwater world"...
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"Ghost Lanes (the A side) was recorded during the first ever duo session that Gareth and Rutger had, at STEIM, Amsterdam, June 2009. The two hadn't met before, but immediately there was a strange chemistry between them, and without much discussion, it was plug-in and play, and two albums and an EP were recorded. Ghost Lanes was then released as a very limited 3-inch CDr.

A year and a half later, they settled at STEIM again, for another fruitful session. That's when Mackerel Sky was recorded. A perfect match with the A-side of this vinyl and a cumulation of their shared progress.

Gareth and Rutger's music is all improvised. The slow paced pieces combine the rough loopings of Rutger's guitar with the low-end rumblings of Gareth's contrabass clarinet. A perfect soundtrack for some weird underwater world.

As Norman Records put it: "Gareth's clarinet interjects Rutger's loop pedals and guitar and if you stick through the track from start to end you'll be treated to a magical 23 minute journey." [label info]