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LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) - The Maria Dimension - Complete Recordings

Format: 5 x LP BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Soleilmoon Recordings SOLV13
Release Year: 2015
Note: 25 years after the original recordings this is the re-issue of one of LPDs "landmark" albums (from 1991), now with the complete additional material recorded at the same sessions: two gatefold do-LPs + one more single LP, poster + super-thick & solid box ! A beautifully desigend collector's item, lim. 300 copies
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More Info

"25 years after the Dots classic psychedelic masterwork was recorded, this set marks the first time the entire Maria Dimension album has been released on vinyl. In addition to the original album, remastered and presented here as a double LP in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, the box includes another gatefold double LP and an additional single LP from the same Maria sessions. Limited to 300 copies, this slipcase box edition comes with notes, rare photos, a poster and previously unreleased recordings.

Track listing:

A1. Disturbance A2. Pennies for Heaven A3. Third Secret A4. The Grain Kings
B1. The Ocean Cried Blue Murder B2. Belladonna B3. A Space Between B4. Evolution
C1. Cheraderama C2. Lilith C3. Fourth Secret
D1. Expresso Noir D2. Home D3. Crushed Velvet

A1. The Maria Sessions (Part One)
B1. The Maria Sessions (Part Two) B2. The Maria Sessions (Part Three) B3. The Maria Sessions (Part Four)
C1. Lysverket C2. Yogi Talks To Betty C3. 1001 Strings
D1. The Right Setting

A1. I Dream Of Jeannie A2. Little Oyster A3. She Gave Me An Apple A4. Stirred But Not Shaken A5. Where No Man
B1. Maria Snapshots" [label info]


"Back in Vital Weekly 695 I sang private praise for 'The Maria Dimension', for me the defining moment of The Legendary Pink Dots when I reviewed 'The Maria Sessions', a CDR with session material, which culminated eventually into that great album. Now the original CD and the sessions are released as a 5LP set with an extra LP with bonus tracks; pieces that were released on a 3"CD with the first few copies of the original release. For years after 1991 I played 'The Maria Dimension' a lot and for a lot of years only sparsely, but yet today, playing these on vinyl, I still know every song by heart, almost every lyric, but it sounds fresh: dusted off. Raymond Steeg did an excellent job on re-mastering this. With the few other Pink Dots fans I know we sometimes have discussions what is their best period/album/whatever, and for me it's their really stuff, this CD and much of their more experimental work. Playing this, it's not easy to say why exactly this album is so good - for me that is.
It has a fine psychedelic sound, ringing through the guitar of the sadly missed Bob Pistoor, but also the synthesizers, the rhythm machines, the various effects on Ka-spel's voice and the supporting horn sounds by Niels van Hoorn, which perhaps back then was new and a fresh, and not wailing about as he did on some of the later works. I am not sure when the last time is that I played 'The Maria Dimension', but very much to my surprise every song on this double LP sounded familiar, that sensation of something that something old is carved so deep in my mind. Following that the next double LP (two of them in gate fold sleeves, one in a regular sleeve) with sessions, which are of course partly a bit familiar as one of the LPs was released earlier as a CDR, but taking the listener into a much atmospheric territory; no vocals, but lots of synthesizers, guitars with e-bows and heavily electronically processed saxophone sounds, crafting a fine psychedelic sound, following which we arrive in the bonus LP, which is, on one side, the old 3"CD, which I am sure I didn't hear in a long time, but here too recognition was all around. It made the 'trip' from song to ambient to song complete, and the other side of the bonus LP had all sorts of snippets of sounds, ideas and sketches, which made a fine and fitting coda. Excellent design, great box, expensive but worth your every penny." [FdW/Vital Weekly]