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CHALK, ANDREW - The Cable House

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Faraway Press FP15
Release Year: 2014
Note: re-pressing of the album from 2009 now available - this is a beautiful "mini slipcase edition", with handmade oversized gatefold cover, and wooden spine at side !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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"The cover is a timeless image of a woman carrying a bundle of sticks, face deeply etched with black lines, lines which bleed off into the dark sky. The music continues this sombre and substantial feel, full of heavily treated piano, trailing off into the record's wide spaces. Side A is made up of shorter pieces which recall the bruised majesty of Basinski, with the near-drowned piano of 'The Arkay Stream' and 'Golden Hand' ebbing and flowing on layers of watery distortion; haunted melodies briefly emerging on the surface before being sucked back under. As stunning as this is, it is the sparser second side of the record which impresses most. 'Naybuchi' consists of one, long twenty minute track, although there are so few notes on it that it could be a section of Satie stretched until paper thin. Light of touch in construction, but cold to the touch with metallic and glass-like tones, these restrained and delicate reverberations slowly unfold to show the merest glimpses of scarred drone before reforming into slow, melodic clusters, all to quietly moving effect." [selected review / label info]

"... Mr. Chalk has long stood as one of our favorite drone composers over the years, beginning with his early contributions to the more placid Organum recordings, through his exemplary collaborative work in Mirror and Ora, and onto his near perfect catalogue of solo recording self-released through his Faraway Press. Through the more recent recordings Goldfall and Time Of Hayfield, the timbre of Chalk's work has brightened a bit, even as that brightening occurs between the spectrum of shadowy grey to sodden blue. Like Goldfall, The Cable House is an album sourced from piano; but where the notes on that earlier album loosely trailed amidst a gossamer web of bleary
dronings, The Cable House has a considerably more purposeful set of melodic structures, pushing Chalk's work much closer into the realm of Satie's Furniture Music than ever before. Nonetheless, Chalk is masterful at extracting soft ringings of echo, restrained attack, and
muted reverberations from his piano. It would be hard to imagine even someone like Eno or Basinski being able to craft something more
elegant, more shimmering, more beautiful.." [Aquarius Records]