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SECRET PYRAMID - The Silent March

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Students of Decay SOD 109 LP
Release Year: 2014
Note: re-issue of cassette release from 2011, re-mastered by JIM PLOTKIN, nice combination of acoustic song-forms and transcension ambience, executed with impressive subtleness... the meeting point of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK and POPOL VUH, as the info says..
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

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"Originally released in 2011 on cassette by the Canadian micro imprint Nice-Up International, The Silent March is the precursor to 2013s Movements of Night and can be seen as something of a mission statement for Amir Abbeys skyriding Secret Pyramid project. Critics have compared the Secret Pyramid sound to the more blasted entries in the Popul Vuh catalog and to Flying Saucer Attacks cherished fuzz devotionals, and indeed Abbeys reverb-drenched songforms and titanic edifices of drone do feel at times as though theyve been cut from the same cloth. Opener Outside might be best understood as the soundtrack to slow-motion video footage of a first-person plunge over some impossibly grand waterfall on an endless loop, as tumbling overtones fight for air amongst turbid plumes of distortion. Still Return finds acoustic guitar figures struggling to escape a blinding mist, their resolution finally arriving in the form of the sublime tranquility of the titular track which follows. Abbey masterfully weaves themes of birth, death, nostalgia, and existential dread into an album which is as cohesive as it is all-consuming, a spell which seeks to simultaneously welcome and protect against darkness in its many forms. This edition of The Silent March features an improved mixdown by Abbey and a remaster by James Plotkin to insure maximum transport." [label info]


"Record number two from these Canadian krautdrone drifters, featuring one half of aQ faves psychedelic dronerockers Solars. We raved about SP's first release, a super limited (and now out of print) cd-r called Ghosts, describing it as sounding like "Flying Saucer Attack collaborating with Andrew Chalk" which still pretty much applies. Right out of the gate, SP launch into some thick heady dronemusic, blustery swells of heavily layered buzz, warm washes of blurry chordal bliss, that grows thicker and louder as the track progresses, easing into full on Nadja metalgaze territory, sans the propulsion, instead this dreamlike heaviness is allowed to drift and shimmer.
The label mentions Popol Vuh, and in spirit we can hear the comparison, but these guys (or this guy) are more about deep, heavy dronemusic, building layer upon layer, and letting the overtones and the shifting sonic colorations lend movement to these otherwise near static sprawls. There are rhythms, but you have to dig deep, they've buried way down in the mix, more a distant pulse, or a strangely textural shuffle, but when the rhythm locks in, like on "Still Return", it changes the feel completely, even the melodies seem to coalesce into dark abstract pop, the vibe way more shimmery and shoegazey, but just as kosmische and blissed out as the rest of the record. The rest of the record in this case playing out as a series of dronepsych drifts, slipping from warm, washed out, muted pop ambient blur, to softly strummed folky dirge, to thick blown out psychedelic squall, to lush gauzy dronescape, and finally to a hazy bit of choral thrum, laced with buried melody, and blurred into a fantastically blissed out smear of dreamy druggy drift. Gorgeous stuff. And this new vinyl version has been remastered by James Plotkin." [Aquarius Rec.]