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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Alt.Vinyl av049
Release Year: 2013
Note: project of PHIL BEGG (HAPSBURG BRAGANZA) as core member working with various other musicians, merging different styles & approaches like jazz, impro, folk, post-rock, chamber music and electro-acoustic, with emphasis on the production/studio process, influenced by JOE MEEK, FAUST & NEU!, etc..
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"Although a live show is now on the horizon, The Midnight Doctors was initially conceived of purely as a recording project- a collage of styles and approaches, not definable by any of its individual constituent parts- which include scored pieces, structured improvisations, (mostly) loving pastiche, cut-up jams, hi-fi & lo-fi textures, electroacoustic flourishes, both studio and home/location recordings. The record mutates and exaggerates various absorbed inspirations from the margins, back-catalogues and dustbins of popular culture (particularly soundtracks), the avant-garde (various brow-heights) and traditional musics. Taken as a whole however, the record is equally inspired by the diffuse tradition of artists who have treated the production/recording process as an integral part of the composition itself- particularly the shoestring experimentations of Joe Meek, the studio recordings of Faust & Neu! (with Uwe Nettelbeck & Conny Plank respectively) and, more broadly speaking, modern electroacoustic music and some of the more interesting examples of cinematic sound design." [label info]