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Format: mLP
Label & Cat.Number: Lumberton Trading Company LUMB021
Release Year: 2013
Note: "magic" drone folk from UK in the way of FOVEA HEX or TEMPLE MUSIC with the wonderful ethereal "A Shining Ache", using samples from the COIL reconstruction kit.... a 5-track mini LP, lim. 250 copies
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"Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre, experimental musician who has worked with a long list of collaborators including Nurse With Wound, notable for a style which fuses the darkest psychedelia with disquieting ambience. Suzanne Walsh is a visual artist and musician, whose practice involves musical collaborations with various artists as well as her own solo artistic work, which crosses over between art and music worlds. Never sure what hat he should be wearing, polymath Diarmuid MacDiarmada has been working in and around the Dublin music scene for far too long. He has been in more bands than he cares to remember and several that he tries to forget.Ф This features five songs of a strictly twilight hue, merging beauty and those subtle spaces where it appears poised to collapse at any given point. Limited to 250." [label info]


"All goods things will come to an end. We can say that about the life of Jhonn Balance and Peter Christopherson, but also to an 12" which is dedicated to this great musicians. The fourth edition of six 12'/MLP of the Polish label Lumberton Trading Company is in my opinion too short. Five compositions just pop up and go away, but the compositions ask for more time and are created a pleasant melancholic mood. Anyway? we had to deal with it. The mini LP is created by three musicians from Dublin - Ireland. Brian Conniffe, an experimental musician who works in the fields of dark psychedelic music. Suzanne Walsh is a visual artist and musician and she crosses both disciplines into her arts. Diarmuld Mac Diarmada is active since 1992 in the Dublin music scene and had played in a lot of bands. The album starts with epic drones and ongoing tones which support the dark singing voice of Suzanne Walsh. "A Shining Ache" is a strong melancholic composition created by sounds like a church organ, strings, cymbals and voice. It reminds me to the multi-layered drones of Troum and has reflections to classical and theatrical music. Side A ends with a short instrumental mix called Holy Ground. Indeed, have I said it before it is short and it would be lovely if there will be an extended version of Holy Ground. Drones, silence and an intense atmosphere change into fragile moments with a harp. "Behind the Sheets" is a beautiful lullaby, sometimes it is just a sweet song, sometimes it is like a hymn and sometimes it is a song in which the singer is looking for the right tones. It is just like a sleep, with several periods with deep sleep, relaxation and unclear moments. "Not the Night" is based on a sample from the Coil Reconstruction Kit. The song has a melancholic atmosphere and is played in the Coil tradition (whatever that may be). A nice combination of dark tones, natural instruments, repeating melodies and a sinister tone. This album is highly recommended to lovers of the music of Coil and it is one of my favorites of 2013." [JKH/Vital Weekly]