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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monochrome Vision [mv49]
Release Year: 2014
Note: collection of rare material by this US tape & underground project, (1983-1987) which developed a very unique & undescribable style, using lots of vocal found sounds... radical without being noisy... truly avantgardish and at times nearly unlistenable! 75 min. material, lim. 500
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"The debut CD album of the american project existing since the early eighties, but still one of the most unusual musical units in electronic music underground. Beyond any styles and trends, these abstract collages and avantgarde pieces deserve more attention of wide audience.

Release date is 28th July 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies in jewelcase with 12-page booklet."
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"I have a less elaborate story on Architects Office, even when I met main architect Joel Haertling once, and of that meeting I seem to recall that he threw in some German words, perhaps assuming Dutch is a just a difficult dialect of German. A little later than Falx Cerebri the name Architects Office started to pop on compilation cassettes and one could find copies of their fanzine Zamizdat Trade Journal. Perhaps the group is best remembered outside the music field as those who delivered soundtracks to the films of experimental film maker Stan Brakhage, including 'Loud Visual Noise', which also uses Die Todliche Doris, Nurse With Wound and Zoviet*France - all simultaneously. That soundtrack is, sad to say, not part of this CD release. This CD release is a collection of pieces found on compilations (which total 73 according to the booklet), unreleased pieces (including a rendition of 'Revolution no. 9', the infamous Beatles piece) and some of these are soundtracks, such as 'Kindering'. I believe much of the music by Archiects Office found its origin in a live recording. Curiously also Architects Office plays more or less fixed pieces. Curiously, since much of their music seems to be rather improvised on the surface. They use to that end a bunch of synthesizers, various wind instruments (French horn, hunting horn), percussion and found sound. There is always a lot of talk on radical music, but I think Architects Office is a radical group. They use sounds that don't match together very well, out of tune organ sounds (in 'IЕ Chris' for instance) and while superficially it sounds musical, it's not really. It's not radical as in 'loud' or 'soft', or in the dynamic range, but just not always easy to hear. Quite alien music, and one that easily defies any resemblance to anything else, save maybe for John Cage's multimedia pieces. Very random snippets of found sound stuck together. Back in the old days this was the kind of band who'd you recognize on a compilation, with their distinct sound (collage-like, horn, voices) and back in the day I didn't always appreciate. But this collection is a fine reminder of a their very special qualities in music production. A unique voice, still not easy to listen too, but making up something quite fascinating." [FdW/Vital Weekly]