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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nefryt N 026
Release Year: 2014
Note: they get older but not less unique - lovely new album by this French "true avantgarde" band, confusing the listeners since 1977; on 'Hazy World' they sound maybe more restrained and elaborated, but still reveal weird beauty in these 6 obscure '(a)tonal songs & noises' ! 51+ minutes, oversized A5 cover, lim. 444 copies
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Hazy World is the World where DDAA has found these Soundpieces
All Instruments and Voices by JLA JPF SMH
Special Thanks to Christine CONON for Voices and Sounds Building on 5-Mar Duch (voices from France Culture Radio)

Recorded in Souterrain Scientifique between December 2013 and June 2014


"The shorthand descriptors for DDAA have long read that they are the French equivalent of Nurse With Wound or The Residents. It has to be said that this pithy equation isn't too far from the mark, with DDAA trading in the self-taught meandering through lysergic experimentation, fractured psychedelia, surrealist stream of consciousness, prankish naivete, and the loosest of connections to European post-punk, all of which are very much akin to their stalwarts of NWW and the Residents. DDAA started back in 1979, lifting their name - Deficit Des Annees Anterieures - from an accounting vernacular of the past year's deficit, with the core membership being remarkably stable as the trio of Jean-Luc Andre, Jean-Philippe Fee, and Sylvie Martineau Fee. Like NWW and The Residents, DDAA has self-published much of their work, allowing them the freedom to take whatever detour they need to make while on their eccentric journey of crafting an album. Hazy World, published in late 2014 (not on their own label, but through the obscure Polish imprint Nefryt), is a suitably strange and ineffable record. Hand-cranked, liquid rhythmic patterns trickle through the album, sounding somewhere between the clatter of toy locomotives, somatic wheezings, and the burbled hypnosis of a vernal stream. The trio lace these organic rhythms with mumbled voice, drone-on organ, radiophonic electronics, scabby guitars, and various other instruments, crafting linear passages that might be considered motorik if such sounds weren't performed as if drunken, liminally scribbled, and / or only half-awake. It makes for quite a weirdly meditative record; and yes, those references to NWW and The Residents still hold up very nicely." [Aquarius Records]