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N [31] - Oie Kirr

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Denovali Records den 205
Release Year: 2014
Note: a 45 min. one-tracker (in two parts) which sounds to us like transformed nature forces of wind & ocean, completely drowning in slow & rough sound waves... the title was inspired by two only 1 meter high uninhabited islands in the Baltic Sea; really fascinating drones that are as usual based on effected guitars but you can not really recognize the source here anymore... lim. 100
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"Accompanying the collaborational release with Tzesne, N recorded a one track solo record named N(31) OIE KIRR. Following the approach of his previously solo album GOOR, N has captured again his current live set. N(31) OIE KIRR is a 45 minute track, only interrupted by the need to flip the record. Almost detached from its tonal origin created with guitar and amp, a deeply dark rumble initiates the track, followed by slowly accumulating captivating sounds, drifting into one another to finally gush forth to sea-like melodic drones. While the track wanders ethereal through different kinds of state, it more and more draws the listener in. After around half of the track the dense grim atmosphere clears up, offering an invitation to take a rest in the sun spread doldrums before the storm breaks loose... The uninhabited islands of (Barther)-Oie and (Great)-Kirr are the records eponyms. Only rising one meter above sea level, they belong to the nature reserve, located in the lagoon of Barther Bodden on the Baltic Sea coast of northeast Germany. The islands are covered by salt marshes and dissected by creeks and are well known for their species-rich nature. N(31) OIE KIRR is strictly limited to 100 LPs, including a download code presenting the track as one piece." [label info]