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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: L. White Records LW-083
Release Year: 2014
Note: extreme harsh noise from Serbia (also very active as DEAD BODY COLLECTION) & Japan, two single tracks by each project and one long collaboration piece, "brings to mind the smell of boiled metal and the demolition of the brain" lim. 200 DVD case
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" 'The War Against Machines' is a split which joins brutal harsh noise experimentalist from Serbia and a famous Japanoise aggressor. A. N. (also in Dead Body Collection and Order Of The Violence) and his harsh noise incarnation Creation Through Destruction offer us two atmospheric but still destructive pieces of layered harsh noise with a lot field recordings (wind and machines) deconstructed by manipulated analogue gear. Total harsh industrial chaos of raging machines against machines! Ichiro Tsuji with his long running bastard child Dissecting Table offers us two massive pulse width modulation signal deconstructions. His tracks offer a harsh monument for our times, which brings to mind the smell of boiled metal and the demolition of the brain. The 5th track is a collaboration between these metallic titans, which consumes everything with power and harshness. It is almost half an hour of war against the modern world and the erosion of faith. The future is uncertain! Collaboration material is mixed by A. N. All tracks are mastered by Ichiro Tsuji. Maximum volume yields maximum destruction! Cd is limited to 200 copies and it's packed in slim DVD case with artwork by Ichiro Tsuji. Total running time is almost 77 minutes." [label info]