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CIUTA, DARIUS - l2di-(3)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U21
Release Year: 2014
Note: first full album on Mystery Sea/Unfathomless for this Lithuanian field recording composer, who works with a very cryptic concept to gain his recordings => the very long (73+ min.), extremely subtle one-tracker invites the listener to concentrate on tiny microsounds from the forest, often of unknown origin.."lots of insect sounds, crackling of leaves, and maybe birdcalls. It makes all together quite a fascinating environment" [FdW]; numbered ed. of 200 copies, full colour cardboard cover & inlay
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More Info

"1. The condition was chosen that there should be an interval of at least 1.5 hour in between recording sessions.
2. The recordings were made during the daytime (11am the earliest/6pm the latest).
3. The sound sources were selected by activity the most active of them were recorded.
4. The places where recordings were made were sky photographed by a mobile phone camera as a light source.
5. Every sound recordings has its own photo of lightness at that particular moment.
6. 24 recording situations were collected at different time of the day and with different intensity of light.

A. All recordings are grouped by their photo of light from the lightest to the darkest.
Theyre connected into one whole.
B. All recordings loose their succession in a common entirety which becomes a documentary of 5 days.
C. Final entirety of sounds is presented in its most natural form -
as a cycle of day (sun is rising in the morning and sets in the evening)the final result is dual.

(darius ciuta, March 2013)" [label info]


"This might very well the longest release on Unfathomless so far, clocking in at seventy-three minutes. A long time ago, Darius Ciuta worked as Naj and as such had a release on Pure/RRRecords, but since working with field recordings he calls himself by the name his parents gave him. He is from Lithuania and he recorded at Curonian Spit the sound material he uses here. The cover lists a bunch of conditions, such as there should be 'an interval of at least 1,5 hour in between recording sessions' and that they 'were made during daytime (11 am - the earliest/6 pm - the latest) etc and that all recordings 'are grouped by their photo of light - from lightest to the darkest'. This process took five days and presents a cycle of a day (less the night). Not a lot of releases on Unfathomless go this far to describe the concept. So, cut together as one piece it's not easy to 'follow' the conceptual guidelines as set out by Ciuta. It all sounds like an environmental work, and if you listen superficially it may sound like an uncut piece of nature sounds, but if you listen more closely you can hear all these edit points, changing over the course of this piece. Lots of insect sounds, crackling of leaves, and maybe birdcalls. It makes all together quite a fascinating environment. You can listen to this very concentrated, like you would when listening to something that requires your full attention, or you just could simply walk around, take a nap, read book or have a phone conversation, or even mix it with your environment, by opening your window. True music of ambience I'd say." [FdW/Vital Weekly]