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Format: 12inch
Label & Cat.Number: Empiric Records emrec 5
Release Year: 2014
Note: slow ambient electronica / trip-hop by this newcomer from Switzerland, using well designed female vocal sounds & piano-loops... lim. 200
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"Its ever hard to find some words about a debut. Theres nothing to compare. Yes, of course, there could be thrown in some names, or it could be mentioned that Jerome Longhi grew up in a musical family and learned playing guitar at seven...started his 1st Band as kid and now ownes a production studio. But is it important that way? Maybe the fact, he was just fed up from guitar music. With the thought, that the broom chamber would fit his sound to leave the domestic fields of Rock for a while." [label info]

"This downtempo debut 12 from producer Jerome Longhi offers us listeners a welcome break from the need for adventure in our lives, like an idyllic seaside postcard that becomes fleetingly real. The immersive new-age prelude of A-sides Sonameon is a slow, shimmering synthy sunrise, not unlike the new-world ambience of 90s Future Sound of London, with misty-morning, exotic-girl chants, vocodered warbling, and ponderous beats that rise and fall from the other side of a coma. A shade darker on the B-side, on Sonomeon a maudlin piano phrase leads into a rain-drenched trip-hop number with a sinister someones coming bass-line keeping watch over an assortment of skulking rhythms, distant birds and a mild synth wash that lends an 80s B-movie vibe. Its not the most adventurous of listens, but nor has it any such pretensions; its charm lying entirely in its lack of exertion, and the refinement of its lilt and lift over the course of its eighteen minutes." [The Sound Projector]