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TUXEDOMOON - Scream with a View

Format: mini-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Superior Viaduct SV 37
Release Year: 2013
Note: the second 12" from 1979 - recorded in the RESIDENTS studio - with four excellent avantgardish new wave tracks, establishing the singular TUXDEDOMOON style, merging instrumental and analoge electronic sounds (saxophone, polymoog, violin, e-bowed guitar, radio..), powerful & moody...
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"Founded by Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger in San Francisco, TUXEDOMOON are a futuristic alternate reality of delirium and existential dread. Aligned with fellow Bay Area experimentalists THE RESIDENTS (to whose Ralph Records the group eventually signed) and Robin Crutchfield's post-DNA project DARK DAY, TUXEDOMOON developed a unique combination of synthesizer and guitar that placed them at the forefront of the US post-punk movement in the late '70s and early '80s.

Scream With A View, recorded surreptitiously in THE RESIDENTS' private studio in 1979, advances brilliant melodic concepts through analog technology for a sound barely comprehensible today. On "Where Interests Lie," punchy drum machine underlies barbed and eerie leads from guitarist Michael Belfer (THE SLEEPERS). "(Special Treatment for the) Family Man" Ц a reference to Dan White's trial for the assassination of San Francisco's mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978 Ц is an indignant vigil cut with a rare brand of macabre humor. Saxophone, Polymoog, violin, e-bowed guitar, and CB radio interference make Scream With A View the insidious foil to the urgent No Tears EP." [label info]