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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: La Scie Doree SCIE 1113
Release Year: 2014
Note: third LP by this fruitful project of ANDREW CHALK and TIMO VAN LUIJK, this time with help from JEAN-NOEL REBILLY and TOM JAMES SCOTT who add clarinette, piano and koto => 18 instrumental miniatures, quite varified introspective music, often sounding like extremely subtle & silent drone-jazz.. lim. 350
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"An eclectic ensemble of 18 instrumental arrangements evoking an epic and existential soundtrack determined by the power of momentary destiny and reflective sentiment. Music played by Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luijk. Clarinet by Jean-Noлl Rebilly. Piano and koto by Tom James Scott. Edition of 350 copies." [label info]


"When not playing his own music, Timo van Luijk is busy with recording music with other people, and with some of them as part of an on-going collaboration, such as In Camera with Christoph Heemann and Elodie with Andrew Chalk. This is Elodie's fourth full length release (see Vital Weekly 781 and 828) and like before the album has rather shortish pieces, even more fragmented, it seems, than before, eighteen in total. It therefore isn't one of those 'one drone, one side, LP done' sort of releases. This is all highly atmospheric music as you can surely imagine given the reputation of both of these composers, but then played on a wide variety of instruments, of an acoustic and electronic origin. The carefully strummed guitar (Chalk), the flute, percussive bits, (both van Luijk) along with electronics - no computers I should think - play short and sketch like pieces. Not refined oil paintings on canvas but pencil sketches on paper. Introspective music, moody, but also airy and light. Moving like clouds on a blue sky, some white, some grey, some times rainy. Textured music, like you have textured paper, with spots of ink on them. Excellent stuff here." [FdW/Vital Weekly]