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CYCLOBE - Sulphur - Tarot - Garden

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Phantomcode NAOS 03CD
Release Year: 2014
Note: soundtracks to three old films ('alchemical dream pieces') by DEREK JARMAN (originally shot 1972-1978 on Super-8) which were re-discovered and premiered with new music by CYCLOBE in 2012 at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London; the fifth album by the ex COIL members OSSIAN BROWN and STEPHEN THROWER
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"Sulphur-Tarot-Garden is a new soundtrack album by Cyclobe, recorded to accompany three alchemical dream pieces by the filmmaker Derek Jarman.

Originally shot between 1972 and 1978 on silent Super-8, the films were recently premiered with their new soundtracks at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.

For this triptych of recordings, Ossian Brown and Stephen Thrower are joined on Sulphur-Tarot-Garden by Michael J.

York, Cliff Stapleton and John Contreras. This is Cyclobe's fifth album to date, following Luminous Darkness, The Visitors, Paraparaparalellogrammatica and Wounded Galaxies Tap at The Window.

Brown and Thrower were previously members of the sidereal musick group Coil." [label info]