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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Subterranean Sonic
Release Year: 2014
Note: 12 new tracks of surrealistic electro acoustic soundworlds - dark mysterious droney collages with often surprising & obscure musique concrete elements, similar to NURSE WITH WOUND, etc.. very strong release from this Berlin-based project
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"The latest Album from For Kings and Queens Elektroraum
It contains 12 new electro acoustic works. They were recorded between December 2013 and January 2014 based on old demos and pieces from the last 4 years using field recordings, found sounds, guitar, synth and effect pedals.


Der Anfang einer Hausmusik
Unruhiger Stuhl erster Teil
Blaues fr nichts
Im Elektroraum
Unruhiger Stuhl zweiter Teil
Der Schnurrbart Friedrich Nietzsche
Die Brde des Knigs
Am Nordpol
Ein Mrz Kind
Auf den Hund gekommen
Der dritte Teil eines Stckes
War es Bach?

Music and all instruments: Jens Kindermann
Artwork: Jens Kindermann" [label info]

"Jens Kinderman is the man behind For Kings And Queens, from Berlin, and he has released a bunch of releases before and now returns with an album of songs, which he 'demoed' in the last four years, but now fully works into proper songs. His primary instruments are the guitar, synth, effect pedals, found sounds and field recordings. Unlike his last release, which was all about voices, he goes back to his earlier releases and influences and it's not difficult to see such influences as say from Fennesz here. Many of these songs, except for the first, are rather short and to the point. He uses a bit of sound, loops that around, and adds further treatment to individual sounds as he mixes them along as the piece evolves. I thought the first piece, close to eight minutes, was a bit long for what it was and a bit unfocussed, but the other eleven were more to the point and sharp, exploring the right amount of sound sources and ideas per track, and then moving to a whole new set of sounds and ideas in the next, making this a highly varied work, which held my attention for the entire forty-three minutes. Maybe in terms of glitch (etc.) not the most innovative work, but I thought it was most entertaining record. Easily the best album by For Kings And Queens I heard so far." [FdW/Vital Weekly]