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Format: do-CDR
Label & Cat.Number: Terminal Kaleidoscope
Release Year: 2013
Note: finally a re-issue of this 16-track compiliation (enhanced), first released as MC back in 1988 (Jarmusic) => a collection of unreleased material and rare compilations tracks 1982-1985
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"2 x CDR edition in card cover with homemade artwork and insert lovingly presented.

Arguably the best of the Traumstadt series ,this collection pulls together the cream of LPDs' contributions to various compilation cassettes and records, adding alternative mixes and recordings of tracks on the main records. Enhanced from early generation cassettes and rescued from obscurity for your delectation.
credits. released 21 December 2013" [label info]


"It's perhaps no secret that I like The Legendary Pink Dots, even when I wouldn't call myself a true, dedicated fan. I very much enjoy the early works, the cassette days, and the more recent more experimental stuff, but not always the more krauty, mainstream music, which perhaps goes down well with the true fans. Their back catalogue is an immense affair after more than thirty years but the always changing technology you can, I guess, keep on remastering. And why not? Especially in this case of 'Traumstadt 2', which was an early compilation of pieces submitted to compilations, alternative mixes and some tracks from main albums. In the past there have been more compilations documenting these early days, think 'Stained Glass Soma Fountains' for instance, but here's the true 'old days' (old daze?) fan in me, but not quite fan enough. I recognize many songs, 'Plague 2', 'Vigil Anti' or 'Love In A Plain Brown Envelope' but couldn't tell if I heard this version before or not. There are no doubt dedicated websites detailing such information for us, but I don't care. Very much as the twenty-year old FdW all those years ago, I enjoy this crazy brand of electronic music, rhythm machines, guitars and Patrick Paganni's violin along with Ka-spel voice; it all sounds as fresh now as it did back then. Spanning ninety minutes, just as the original cassette version, we have seventy on one CDR and sixteen on the other now, if ever there was room for some bonus pieces, it would have been here. No doubt there is more obscurities in the basement that could do with a refurbish!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]