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POTTER, COLIN - Two Nights

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Deep Distance DD10
Release Year: 2013
Note: re-issue of very old / rare MC from 1981 (ICR 004) , using synths, a sequencer, drum machine & effects plus guitar, spontaneous recording; lim. 500, vinyls are "half red/green" coloured !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

More Info

"Pressing of 500 on half red/half green vinyl only. The first in a series of vinyl reissues to Colin Potter's revered body of home recorded, cassette only releases between 1980 and 1982, presented by Deep Distance and Sacred Summits over the coming months. Colin has worked within the fields of electronic and experimental music for over 30 years, collaborating with the likes of Current 93, Ora, Organum, Andrew Chalk and most notably as a key part to Nurse With Wound alongside Steven Stapleton. He started the esteemed ICR (Integrated Circuit Recordings) label in 1981 releasing the incredibly rare minimal synth comp 'We Couldn't Agree on a Title' LP before releasing a clutch of wonderful home recordings of his own over half a dozen small run cassette only releases. The vinyl reissue project kicks off here with the incredible 'Two Nights'. Recorded as the title would hint at, over 2 evenings at home in Sutton-On-The-Forest, North Yorkshire. Two epic side long pieces recorded as a first time, live experiment, albeit in the studio, which as Colin describes in the sleeve notes, consisted of; "some synths, a sequencer, a drum machine and some basic effects then, with a vague plan in mind, I picked up a guitar and pressed 'record'. I did this on 2 consecutive nights (hence the clever title) and what you hear is exactly what happened, no editing, which explains the bum notes here and there". Bum notes or not, the results sound remarkably fresh and relevant today. A fabulous album finally seeing a vinyl release after 30 odd years. Packaged with the usual Deep Distance/Great Pop Supplement eye for detail, in this case a diecut sleeve revealing a half red/half green LP beneath! Looks just stunning." [label info]


"A couple of years ago, we championed a cd boxset of the early cassettes and unreleased material from the British sound alchemist Colin Potter. Nowadays, Potter is a constant foil within Nurse With Wound and Monos; but he has quite a history of his own recordings that ran the gamut from abstracted electro-pop to elegant, hallowed minimalism to kosmische electronica. During the heyday of the DIY cassette underground, Potter released a considerable amount of tapes through his ICR imprint, which continues to this day albeit transitioning to the compact disc. Two Nights was originally pressed up on ICR back in 1981, and made its way on that aforementioned Ancient History boxset (which is currently out of print). This set was easily the best material from the Ancient Material box, and on its own stands as a great piece of futuristic electronics that is a must have for anyone keen on John Carpenter and Goblin soundtracks! The two original side long pieces both extend from the cosmic swoosh into dynamic kraut-disco jams with incremental sequences accelerating through drum machine, neon-lit synth cascades, and more heavily phased guitar solos. Limited red & green translucent vinyl whose colors are exposed through the die cuts in the artwork. Not long for this world!" [Aquarius Records]