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HAYLECK, ANDY - Two Gong / Wire Pieces

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ehse Records EHSE 006
Release Year: 2006
Note: two gong drone scapes by this interesting Baltimore-based soundartist, who used a special system performing a long wire bowed on a Chinese Gong..... screenprinted cover, lim 500, to discover !
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"Baltimore-based sound artist Andy Hayleck has worked primarily with field recordings and bowed metal over the past seven years in improvised settings, installation and solo composed works. His previous recordings include The Disappearing Floor (Recorded), a suite of edited field recordings and vibrating metal sounds; Various Recordings Involving Ice (Fairfield-HereSee), a set of field recordings of crystalized H2O; and his bowed saw and cymbal performances with fricative free music collaborative group Trockeneis (Ehse). Two Gong-Wire Pieces presents side-long live-to-tape performances using a special system which Hayleck has invented and with which he has performed widely - bowing a long wire attached to a Chinese gong, allowing for special control of the irrational vibrations of the metal plate through careful control over the tension of the wire and place and style of bowing. The resulting masses of beating tone-forms are lakes of pools of eddies or whirlpools born from a deceptively simple and carefully considered system and a seemingly enormous pair of ears." [label info]