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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Infinite Fog Productions IF-37
Release Year: 2013
Note: newest release by the ritual industrial shamans from Siberia; sounds of thunderstorm and primeval Ural forests, spoken & whispered invocations, gong & metal sounds, handmade drums & flutes, all creating a very authentic, lonely & otherworldy atmosphere...two unique rituals were recorded; comparable to EMME YA, ARKTAU EOS, etc.. lim. 170
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More Info

"Infinite fog present new work of authoritative Ural project Ad lux tenebrae (also known as K Svetu T'my) Ouroboros !

ALT, one of the most interesting phenomena in the Russian ritual/drone music, have proven themselves as suplifters of first-class ritual sound. Each of their few works, is the fruit of serious musical practices, long-term loneliness, and consequently, the identity, the roots of which can also be seen in an unusual tools and authors. Great powerful sounds from Primeval Ural Woods. To create music they use original musical instruments bubens, handmade drums, blowing horns, flutes and others instruments made by musicians theyself and have no name. Disk contains two live recorded Rituals, each of them was played in this form only once and never will be repeated.

"Ouroboros" was recorded with the assistance of a Podonok, known as a member of Ural project Nuclear Winter and co-author of the web-zine Twilight Shadow.

Artwork by: Artem Grigoriev.

Sound design by: 121(Closing the Eternity/Velehentor).

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzgjE1n9zpg " [label info]