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CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS / ZINC ROOM - Lie, Illusions, Mystifications / Zinc 99,99

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Evil Dead Productions EDP 006 / Imp. Hate Face IMPHF 002
Release Year: 2007
Note: split release (or 'two full albums') by two projects from Ekaterinburg, Russia: early material by the archaic industrial droner ZINC ROOM, and more martial / neo-classic / industrial / black metal sound from CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS, a swan song for modern human culture....
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"This CD contains not even a split, but in fact 2 full-length albums of two Russian industrial projects, both coming from Ekaterinburg, Ural region. Carved Image Of Emptiness isn't so easily categorized with one term, during their half of the disc the style changes in quite unpredictable manner. The album starts with an energetic industrial track with sampled distorted bass guitar (well, when you write about noise music you can't be completely sure about the sound sources, but it sounds like bass guitar here) and various samples. Then comes unhurried, sombre and serious neo-classics which changes with more "fairy" track. Then again, a neo-classical composition in which pompous martial-like "verse" (think about Der Blutharsch) alternates with totally cartoon-style "chorus" (think about "Crocodile Gena"). During the last 4 tracks the same metamorphoses happen... I think this could be a good soundtrack for some slightly naive, but thus interesting industrial movie from 80-90-ies... Zinc Room is quite another matter! Here you can feel the addiction to the old noise school: in his tracks analogue distortion (bass guitar, percussion, steel objects) blends with field recordings and samples. The recordings are mostly not aggressive (unlike, say, Japanese act K2 who uses a lot of iron as well), but somehow sadly pensive. Like an abandoned rusty factory building standing in the field and grown by weeds long ago. However the spirits of industrialization still live there and sometimes continue their mechanical activity." [label info]