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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: 3LEAVES - 3L009
Release Year: 2011
Note: very minimal & concrete improvisations & environmental "silence drones" by this electro-acoustic soundartist from Belgium, using unknown objects & instruments with/in water outside... lim. 200, two (colour) inlays, cardboard cover
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"I would like to improvise with the most minimalist element, which shares our everyday life each minute when we are there. This improvisation does not come in a domination of the one on the other, but in an integration. Hoping that the sound which I produce would have been able to be without my participation.

I would also love that this work infiltrates into a notion of time, temporality. No as a fear of to see it to fly away, but as a soft impression of to feel it to slide. In this exercise the presence of the movement allows a sound, this sound gives an acoustic presence to the author, to the actor, to the musician. The produced sound is only the result of the movement. The movement has its resonance own, its particular light touch." [Pierre Gerard]