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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: 3LEAVES - 3L011
Release Year: 2011
Note: processed field recordings of "the living things and the feeble vibrations" made in the mythical Togakushi mountains in Japan; subtle drones & animal sounds, atmospheric hiss & the crunching of footsteps... all very pure & clear, for the most conscious contemplative listening... lim. 300
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"With the aptly named "Hidden Bird's Nest" Hiroki Sasajima & Takahisa Hirao, all senses in alert, commit an uncommon dive into Nature's breathing Heart, the clamor of the world...

Purity is often usually a simple idealistic abstract notion - not here ; all sounds seem to have been captured in such a pristine way and in such full details that it seems to exceed the limitations of faithful reproduction...and one gets the feeling that suddenly the whole Cosmos is almost enclosed in a single resonance just in front of your ears...
Distance becomes abolished, and it's like if the listener is invited to become a vibrating & active part of the selected location...

Each sound has its own weight, color, placement and is the exact reflection of what it stands for...the restitution of an essence into all its components...

"Hidden Bird's Nest" should cross time easily, offering a veneer of permanence, while being an ultimate testimony of the magnificent Togakushi region..." [Daniel Crokaert]