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WHETHAM, SIMON - Un Ano Tranquilo

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: 3LEAVES - 3L019
Release Year: 2013
Note: sound diaries based on field recordings WHETHAM made on a one year "round the world" tour, coming from a wide array of sound sources... all kinds of nature, object & animal sounds, various music from different cultures & actions of people.. . all this truly multi-cultural sounds zipping subliminally into your mind like a long daydream.. very nice ! 73 min. playtime lim. 200
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"Throughout 2012 Simon Whetham embarked on a round the world tour, one man travelling across land, sea and air to gain new sensory-filled experiences.
"Un Ao Tranquilo" is the result of Simons year-long journey; his adventure into, not only sonic landscapes, but also into an intensely personal experience, one that brings together emotion and empathy with place, though is not restricted to location.
A cavalcade of resonant objects, whirring portals, the squarks, clicks and rattles of birds and insects, the honks and snuffles of beasts, and the changeability and ultimate power of the weather, all punctuated by the hustle and bustle of Man and its technologyancient (bells) and modern (phone rings)sweep by, swirling the listener into a seemingly trance-like state, an out of body experience.
In this complex and diverse work, Simon has opened a window onto sounds ability to link a listener to place (be that an earthly reality or an imagined place), as well as to separate us from the world, freeing the listener to explore a sensory imagination beyond sound.
Where possible, listen to this work in the darkremove yourself from your own realityand step into Simons care-worn shoes. Open yourself to a journey of the mind, your ears as compass" [Helen Frosi]