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N(13) - Prora

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Empiric Records emrec4
Release Year: 2013
Note: re-edition of N's much requested release from 2009, now with gatefold-cover & 12 x 12" full colour art-booklet on heavy paper with new liner notes => minimal organic guitar drone ambience, two long pieces, inspired by the monumental Nazi-ruins (4.5 km long) in Prora on Rьgen; lim. 200, 180 gr. vinyl
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €23.00

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"Originally released in 2009. Pure guitar drones. With passion. A simple method with minimalistic device. Two songs focused on the heart of matter. Keep it low. At this point a classic! Vinyl will come with a fine 12-page photo booklet on heavy paper including liner notes by Tobias Fischer and Inke Arns. Like all vinyl releases this one will include a downloadcode. A postcard's also added. Mastered by Dirk Serries. 200 copies/ 180 gr vinyl." [label info]


"Technically, size wise a LP, but length wise, more 12", with twelve minutes on one side and thirteen on the other. The ever so mysterious N, or returns. Or, perhaps return is not the right phrase, as this album was already released in 2009 by Droehnhaus, but is now available again on Empiric Records. N is the solo project of Hellmut Neidhardt, who also plays with [Multer], and as N he basically numbers his works, so this is n|13. It's inspired by the now desolated area of Ruegen, a former holiday resort of the national socialist party in Germany in the thirties. N plays guitar and lots of effects and creates drone music. Usually of a somewhat refined nature, but maybe it's the surroundings that inspired him to do something a bit different here, as these two pieces are loud affairs. Loud, but not noisy. N manages to create drones with guitars, which sound like organs gone wild. It drifts nicely on and off, like waves on a wild sea - again, none of this with extreme, chaotic
meanderings, but these easily moving along heavy waves. 'Prora Stadt', the b-side is the even louder of the two, with mild distortion towards the end and both pieces are essentially variations of each other. That ties them together and make up a great record. The album comes with a 12-page LP sized booklet with full-color photographs of the area, and this is why physical releases are, most of the times, much nicer. Great, powerful drone music. Too short!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]