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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL066
Release Year: 2012
Note: the first collab of ALIO DIE with Finnish soundscaper LINGUA FUNGI, who works with handmade instruments & objects of organic nature, like 'otter skull ocarinas' and 'snail shells'; beautiful harmonic cither and sitar drones merge with subtle field recordings and object sounds for a "full ethereal / overtone drone" experience... caressing & mesmerizing
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"Performed and recorded between 2008 and 2011 by Jaakko Padatsu and Stefano Musso in Oulu, Finland and Milano,Italy. Mixed and mastered by Jaakko Padatsu in 2011.

All acoustic instruments and field recordings
by Jaakko Padatsu and Stefano Musso.

Accordion on "Fount of Flowing Water" by Heta Kaisto.

Otter Songs - Alio Die & Lingua Fungi

Otter Songs is the culmination of the process that began in 2008 by Lingua Fungi and Alio Die.
The idea for the collaboration was born from the initial recordings by Jaakko Padatsu utilizing diverse self made instruments and natural objects including driftwood, snail shells and otter skull ocarinas. The archaic and arctic drones were later complemented with subtle recordings by Stefano Musso with zither, sitar and other acoustic instruments. The collaboration was sealed with final recordings in Italian spring 2011 by Jaakko Padatsu and Stefano Musso.

From Terra Ultima to Mediterranean, the album brings together the tones of nocturnal cicadae and spring break-up of ice in Bothnian Bay.
Sometimes driven with arctic atavism, sometimes with delicate warm melodies, Otter Songs aims to transcend physical distance by deconstructing and rebuilding the two worlds into boundless celebration of Terra Mater.

The cd comes in a refined 6 panel digipack printed with gold colour. Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones from original concept and photos by Lingua Fungi." [label info]