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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Drag City DC544
Release Year: 2013
Note: new band project feat. members of SUNN O)), BORIS; GHOST, etc.. creating very spacey & doomey slow drone rock & dark night psych, orchestral & droney... very nice! lim. vinyl version
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"Cosmic heavy amplified rock drops and ripples, auras radiate and expand into cloudforms, through which lightning bolts. Tides rise, the moons wax upon a place somewhere between Link Wray, Hex-era Earth and early Tangerine Dream. The echoes return, leaving a trail that blows and drifts, creating a separate piece. The metal of coils is the metal of the earth, the air... the meteoric and primal elements found in space. ENSEMBLE PEARL reaches through the clouds and atmospheres and brings it all back down to the ground, to forge further creations for woman and man. This music production is inspired by rock from the classic era (50s through 70s) and acousmatic contemporary composition alike. Ensemble Pearl are ATSUO, WILLIAM HERZOG, MICHIO KURIHARA and STEPHEN OMALLEY. Their debut album also features the elemental forces of EYVIND KANG and TIMBA HARRIS. These players have all moved air and earth in many other projects and can create monolith and river alike on their ownbut for Ensemble Pearl they give and take, knowing and understanding each others strengths and lack of weakness. Rather than blast sheets of air-filling sound, their contributions float the space with positive and negative dynamics. There are no borders being patrolled, allowing Ensemble Pearl to move from place to place unhindered. Over the course of six sides of music (and four sides of vinyl) they ride the jet stream as the world revolves slowly below, static almost, shimmering imperceptibly, mostly water. In and amongst the sprays of foam, theres a wash of twin-lead psych-proggery, a raft of tribal-beat sun worship, a passing rumble of neck-stretching, some delicate noiseblowing, a bit of float-and-drone and finally, a majestic drift into the deep waters of dub atmosphere. From these heavy vibration masters, with their ear-shattering antecedents, these are new horizons, first dreamed of, then visited and played upon. (STREET DATE - 3/19/2013)" [label info]