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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Fauni Gena FAUNI 015
Release Year: 2013
Note: 'a bewitched musical journey'.. re-issue of WAKHEVITCHs 5thLP from 1977, the second collaboration with American dancer/choreograph CAROLYN CARLSON, inspired by CARLOS CASTANEDA's writings, more calm & relaxed as before, still stepping into otherworldly places => 12 shorter tracks & fragments with a wide range of always varying sounds & ideas; acoustic instruments, synths & electronics, field recordings & found sounds...like being in a haunted fairyland...
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"Originally released in 1977, this was (once again) a product of the fruitful association between Wakhevitch and american dancer/choreographer Carolyn Carlson. Compiling some of the pieces specially written for Carlson's "This, that and the other" (created for the Groupe de recherche Thtrale de l'Opra de Paris), the album follows the otherwordly steps of it's predecessor ("Les Fous D'or") in a more calm, relaxed, almost nocturnal way. Inspired by Carlos Castaneda's writings, Nagual is another mysterious and intriguing statement of musical esoterica: a collection of twelve musical vignettes covering a whole range of styles, from majestic electronic pieces to echo-drenched concrete-like sketches via impressionistic piano compositions. A bewitching musical journey, built around Wakhevitch's keys where electronics give way to more acoustic sonorities (piano, harp) for a highly-charged magical sound. A very special record!!! Strictly limited to 500 copies. Single cover reproducing the original 1977 artwork. Includes insert with liner notes reproduction of the original Nagual insert." [label info]