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CASS. - Loops & Farewell Sketches

Format: LP + MC
Label & Cat.Number: SHHHH009
Release Year: 2013
Note: debut album by this German newcomer, warm electronica / minimal ambience made from 'old, sampled, pitched, modulated and destroyed records', field recordings, synthloops, small instruments... comparable to EZEKIEL HONIG or L'USINE ICL, lim. 100 with bonus MC (C-30) !
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More Info

"'Loops and Farewell Sketches' is the first official full length album by Cass., a 1991 born German electronic ambient musician, DJ and sound artist. All songs are the result of various late night recording sessions during the last month of 2012. The sound sources vary from old, sampled, pitched, modulated and destroyed records, a large field recording directory that has been created over years, multiple effected instrument - and synthloops layered on the top of each other, and different small acoustic instruments. All these elements of the album create a meditative looping bed of sound, which is in some parts framed by his own hazy voice. Much of this album is also the sound of microphones in the room, picking up the sound of moving around, or brushing the edge of an instrument. Reading this and listening to the songs, it's not a surprise that the cold days of the year seem to be the most fitting season for this kind of music, which combines the warmth of organic instrumentations and the stillness of nature in a distinctive way, similar to the works of Ezekiel Honig, Lusine Icl or even Ulf Lohmann. Loops & Farewell Sketches' was initially, released as a CD-R with Digipak, not on a, label and for private sale through Cass.', Bandcamp-site. Unexpectedly all 100 copies, were sold out after just 2 weeks by a, massive rush of pre-orders." [label info]