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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Install Records INSTLP03
Release Year: 2012
Note: hard to find new album by PETER WRIGHT who continues his creation of an almost uncategorizable guitar-based experimental low fi drone music, raw & beautiful again, lim. 300 silk-screened sleeve
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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"Peter Wright returns with Orbit, his sophomore effort for Install. Somehow, over 37 minutes, Peter manages to imply the same amount of sheer size and range of sound that he did over 2 massive CDs on 2009's Snow Blind. Swirling backward guitars and honeybee leads in "Midnight Orange" coalesce like a cosmic orchestra pit warming up before tectonic plates shift and give way to lurching sheets of magma. As Peter pulls the frame of the images we're seeing back, it is revealed that we're looking at Earth's prehistory, where nature is in complete upheaval and chaos...yet even this image gives way to a larger scope: an entire galaxy in a glass dish, on a tabletop inside a strange laboratory. Abruptly, this vision is cut to black, shifting forms that might resemble a bone structure moving beneath a layer of dark skin. Sweltering heat and thick smoke are imbued on Peter's sonic canvas, which bears the title "Tethered". A subtle bitter sweetness creeps through the heaviness and changes the mood from oppressively bleak to bearable, albeit very strange. We feel as if we're underneath a low ceiling that is trembling beneath a massive weight. As the atmosphere clears up, we become aware of a trembling texture surrounding us...perhaps a storm outside of wherever we are? As surely as we are standing here, things begin to center themselves, and before we know it a bright white light overtakes everything around us until we can no longer see even ourselves. Soft muted notes that might be a bass or a piano resonating from a few rooms over begin to weave into the air over our shoulders. We're led to a sunny room with screened windows, looking out on a pond with bird-filled trees and a sun steadily setting behind them. There is an old, aged tape machine in the corner that grows incrementally louder and more decayed as whatever ancient recordings were made on it play out for the thousandth time. A closer look at the spinning reel reveals only one word: "Gravity", and right then we feel something sink in our chest. Things begin to blur around us, our field of vision becomes increasingly fragmented as what seems like a rolling cloud of insects and pestilence makes its way across the pond and surrounds the little porch we're inside. Sheets of wings and legs and thoraxes buzz and converge into a dark brown and golden wall around us, blocking out all light. After what seems like years, we realize we're no longer alone, and out of the dark corner near the tape machine emerges a human form, hunched over several small knobbed devices. In one giant realization, the blackness parts and we're suddenly aware of Peter Wright playing a worn looking electric guitar, seemingly oblivious to our presence, and making several small but calculated movements that somehow remind us of an alchemist at work in his study. Deep in thought, Peter waves away the pestilence, the dread, the dark clouds and even the sun setting porch itself in favor of a holy bright light, white hot and razor sharp. Curvatures of chords painfully rise up through the blanket of energy and brutally blast us back to our living room. Peter Wright has returned with Orbit, his sophomore effort for Install. Limited to 300 in silk-screened jacket." [label info]