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WADA, YOSHI - Singing in Unison

Format: 3 x LP
Label & Cat.Number: EM Records EM1009LP
Release Year: 2012
Note: improvised male singing for three vocalists, influenced by ZEN monk chants & PANDIT PRAN NATH, in order to create microtonal pitches/differences as a form of communication without words; this is the COMPLETE recording (2 1/2 hours), recorded March 14 + 15, 1978 & previously unreleased !!!
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" 'Singing in unison' is the latest in a series of recordings from acclaimed sound artist, composer and performer Yoshi Wada. Recorded live over two nights, March 14 and 15, in 1978, at New York City's legendary performance space The Kitchen, Singing in Unison is a dramatic yet meditative work: modal improvisations for three male voices, singing, with great gravitas, in purposeful unison. These previously unreleased recordings, featuring vocalists Richard Hayman, Imani Smith and Wada himself are extremely powerful, with a glacial majesty and a sense of timeless wonder. Wada's earliest musical memories are of hearing Zen Buddhist ritual chants in his native Japan, and those memories are reflected in the deep vocalisations here; also evident is Wada's period of intense study with Indian master singer Pandit Pran Nath. Thus there is a definite Eastern feeling to Singing in Unison, with further elements added by Imani Smith's Sufi background and Wada's interest in Eastern European vocal styles, but the music is also informed by Wada's experiences in the Fluxus movement and as a member of the New York avant-garde community. The edgy atmosphere of 1970s New York City pervades these recordings, adding a hint of menace. Despite the fact that this is purely vocal music, fans of the slow-moving heaviosity of Sunn 0))) will appreciate Singing in Unison. It is available in two formats: a single CD of the March 15 performance, with gatefold sleeve; or a triple LP set featuring a complete version of both performances, March 14 and 15. 'Singing in Unison' is a massive, monumental, monolith of vocal sound. Unstoppable! Triple 12' LP set for the complete version of both performances on March 14 and 15. Two and a half hours in total. Quality pressing + liners." [label info]