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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Miasmah MIALP021
Release Year: 2012
Note: first solo-album by ex YELLOW SWANS member, minimal & dark haunting experimental ambience with a classical touch..
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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"When legendary noise duo Yellow Swans dissolved just prior to releasing Going Places, it left in its wake two musicians with very distinct but very different voices. Pete Swanson's post-YS technoid experimentations have been well documented, but that still leaves Gabriel Saloman, who, after leaving the group, buried himself headfirst in sounds and images that were possibly even further away from his comfort zone. Adhere is Saloman's first "proper" solo album, and it finds him stripping away the blood, sweat and tears of his old band, revealing a rich seam of ominous restraint. Delicately-picked strings, piano and hocking woodblock percussion are drowned in reverb and drawn out in cold anguish giving a cracked, minimalist mirror to the work of fellow Miasmah alums Kreng or Elegi. A softly-spoken record, while Adhere pushes away Saloman's noise history, none of his well-documented intensity is discarded and lost. Instead, the blistering punk nihilism is allowed to simmer and boil over in different ways, and the occasional moments of post-Cocteau Twins shimmering bliss we could just about make out on Going Places are now given a chance to shine in all their glory. Adhere is a surprising, challenging and perfectly-paced album, and fits into its very own niche, ushering in a new generation of listeners to Saloman's distorted, hazy vision. Includes mp3 download." [label info]


"After the breakup of the much-loved floor-core noise duo, Yellow Swans, Pete Swanson has carved quite a solo career for himself, but we haven't heard as much from fellow YS member Gabriel Saloman. As it turns out, Saloman has been rather busy himself over the past few years in Vancouver working on various solo projects of his own under the monikers of GMS and Sade Sade and with collaborative projects Diadem and Chambers. Most of his projects have taken on a conceptual form of social resistance like his Music for Prisons project, which employed field recordings of protests for imprisoned Tamil refugees with original music to be broadcast at extreme volume outside of prison walls as a form of political protest against authoritarian-imposed incarceration.
But Adhere, his vinyl debut for the Miasmah label, is the first time we're getting a full sense of the range of Saloman's sonic vision, and it is uniquely compelling and powerful. Composed in collaboration with a contemporary dance group, Adhere reads as a modern classical composition in seven parts with intense builds and pregnant silences, centered around reverberated piano, bowed strings, ambient guitar, percussive woodblocks and martial drumming into a captivating and beautiful soundscape. Sometimes the intensity is restrained by minimal piano stabs in a big empty room, in the third part, we hear some gorgeous Robin Guthrie-ish guitar washes, still later some dramatic yet solemn percussion. The entire composition toggling back and forth between quietly pensive dynamics and voluminous crescendos that give a sonic drama to an obviously visual accompaniment. Perfect for the Miasmah label which has always had a strong focus on marrying works of experimental classical forms with dark penetrating ambience." [Aquarius Records]