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KAELEN, MENDEL - The Tragedy that drowned Itself

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sineszi SZ001
Release Year: 2012
Note: second album by this promising drone/experimental artists from NL, going in a more 'musique concrete' direction, creating suspenseful tracks using sounds & noises of an old Indian Harmonium (its wooden panels, metal pins, airwaves coming from it, etc.), carefully processed, somehow very intimate & microsounding.. discover the heart of hearing!
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"Sineszi presents its first release, Mendel Kaelens The Tragedy That Drowned Itself. The album began in the summer of 2011 when an old Indian harmonium was found covered in dust in an old basement somewhere in Holland. The wheezing sounds of the forgotten instrument vividly inspired Kaelen and he used no other instrument or other recordings for The Tragedy That Drowned Itself than the harmonium. Recordings took place over a two-day studio session in Groningen, The Netherlands, and then tracks were composed over the following year with only a minimal repertoire of electronic effects added. Instead of focusing on the usual drones that the instrument produced, the recordings explicitly zoomed in on the cranky wooden panels, the squeaking metal pins, and the airwaves escaping from the dilapidated bellows. Background sounds that would normally be ignored as mechanical inconsistencies are here enlarged and play a prominent role on each track of the album. The Tragedy That Drowned Itself blends together creaking patterns and curious noises, fleeting tones and hypnotic drones. The resulting avant-gardish landscape contains a fragility that characterises Mendel Kaelens work and has a wealth of detail for the sensitive ear to discover." [label info]