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KARINA ESP - Detachment

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Morc Records MORC 61
Release Year: 2012
Note: very soft, suspended, floating acoustic ambience, using many lush guitar-sounds... think of ULTRASOUND, etc.. after a long break a new album by this London-based atmospheric project..
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More Info

"Its fair to say that despite his long history and reputation, Karina ESP hasent been the most productive act around. Gowers started working on this record a few years ago, but things did not fall into the right place. Until late 2011, returning from a short Benelux-tour. Gowers travelled to Scotland, where Fraser McGowan of Caught in the Wake Forever and Small Town Boredom managed to record the album in a matter of days.

And thats what Detachment sounds like: thinking and doubting about something for a long time, and then letting it all out at the same time, telling what needs to be told, not holding back any details, but telling it clear enough so the point stays clear." [label info]