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Format: CD & 12inch BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Auf Abwegen aatp34
Release Year: 2012
Note: collectors item! LP-box with 12 high quality prints of etchings (+ some more inlays) by visual artist ROLF ZANDER ~ for each of the 12 tracks on the CD ~ inspired many years ago by the structures of the small north-german river TARPENBEK, the visuals were used by TIETCHENS as grounding for his hyper minimal & subtle compositions ~ very nice project comining "real nature" topography, visual & acoustic art; lim. 300
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"CD in LP Box. The box includes: 12 high quality prints reproducing etchings by visual artist Rolf Zander each image corresponds with a track on the CD. The box further holds three prints with sketches and texts by Rolf
Zander about his style of etching and the composition of the visual works. Finally there is a text print giving track info for the CD and an essay on the project by Kai U. Jrgens.
Handnumbered 300 copies. There is also a special ART EDITION of 30 copies available. This edition includes one of 30 original etchings by Rolf Zander, signed and numbered.

The collaboration between Rolf Zander and Asmus Tietchens is very special indeed. Zander was Tietchens music teacher at school. He can be heard on some of the tracks on the Adventures In Sound CD of early experiments that came with the reissue of Nachtstcke on Die Stadt.

Tarpenbek is now the realization of a project that has been long in the making and planning. It all started with a series of etchings by Rolf Zander that he made in the 1970ies. These etchings deal with the structures and
topographical features of the small north german river Tarpenbek. The series of images is very reduced minimal and interwoven with textures on the original material.

Tietchens took each of these etchings as a starting point for a musical composition, taking ideas about structure and layers from the images. Ony in one instance field recordings from the riverbanks of the Tarpenbek were incorporated. At most instances the music is as minimal as the visual works. Full of details and small surprising turns.

aufabwegen is really proud to present these works together high quality prints of the etchings by Rolf Zander and a CD with 47 minutes of new music from Asmus Tietchens." [label info]


"...This CD comes in a LP sized box with twelve prints by Rolf Zander - ok, which I didn't see then, but I looked at his website and have an idea what he does. And I think it fits the minimal music of Tietchens very well. What seems the case with the work of Zander is that there is an certain level of erasing in his treated zinc plates and of course know Tietchens for having a similar interest in erasing sound and use the bare minimum of what remains. If I am to believe what the liner notes tell me these printings were used by Tietchens to define his music, but maybe that's just an interpretation of the writer. Set up an equalizer, some oscillator or whatever kind of filter and then feed whatever sound through these applications - I am never sure if herr Tietchens still only uses analogue equipment or also digital ones these days. Whatever it is, the results are without doubt Trademark Tietchens. At least of course the Tietchens that has been exploring this route for the last ten or more years, perhaps since he started to release music on Mille Plateaux and later 12K. Carefully placed clicks and cuts, sustaining sine wave like sounds, all heavily reduced, the bare necessities of a simple sound. This is the electro-acoustic music that I love, that doesn't dwell on glissandi to evoke a sense of drama as I hear so often, but a simple, drama-free sound, highly abstract in nature (and henceforth probably not the most popular in its kind, sad to say), but oh so beautiful. Its not that Tietchens adds anything to what we know about his work, but it's just another confirmation of what a great composer he is. This is an excellent release!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]