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MAMA BR / MAMA BAER - Exorcismes from all my Fingers

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: INYRDISK iyd59-60
Release Year: 2012
Note: "a modern freak out unlike any other" - epic MAMA BAER album spread on 4 sides - unclassifiable animalistic catharsis-music & noises, which share a very own dark & hysteric beauty... "MAMA BR release of the century " says Kommissar Hjuler; "one of the premier all-solo slices of female to come of the underground in years" [Volcanic Tongue); lim. 250 full colour cover & inlay
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €28.00

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"In the words of her husband and collaborator Kommissar Hjuler, this is the Mama Br double album release of the century. A ritualistic culmination of all the Flensburg, German woman's latest cathartic, emancipated sonic soul awakenings. Eight epic spiritual evocations and alien dream soundtracks spread over four packed sides. A modern freak out unlike any other. Deluxe full colour artwork inside and out.

Read more straight context + glowing praise from the knowledgeable staff at Volcanic Tongue." [label info]


"...The album starts off in classic Mama style with a distressed, distant, microphone-muffled vocal accumulation that combines the sounds of pleasure and pain, laughing, whipping, whimpering, almost early Whitehouse-style up-close hyperventilating and psychotically layered field recordings. This give sway to a remarkable vocals/guitar/drum dirge that comes over like Meredith Monk sings Father Yod with backing vocals by the Manson Girls and guitar by Rudolph Greys three year old kid. On the flip theres a stunning Suckdog-by-way-of-Scorces guitar/vocal lament that is one of the most haunting of Mamas song creations followed by what comes over as field recordings of early Diamanda Galas turned inside out, secreted at the bottom of a well, rescued, overdubbed with Casio keyboard drum retorts and turned into the most aching love song this side of Patty Waters Moon Dont Come Out Tonight. And thats only the first slab. Over on the second there are extended Cro-Magnon environs that would reconcile Japanese ethno-primitives Iro with the sounded of tortured pipes and the la-la-land of early Rita Ackermann, down-tuned vocal duets with siren calls, advanced percussive electric guitar marches and hysterical English language constructs that are somewhere between Lydia Lunch and Heather Leigh... this is a mind-blowing, exhaustive overview of the various feral strategies that Mama uses to usurp and humiliate feeble notions of art praxis, avant rock and sound poetry. If youve never taken the plunge before or just werent sure where to begin then this is the monster you have surely been waiting for, if youre already a committed follower then this is just so much gravy. One of the premier all-solo slices of female to come out of the underground in years." [Volcanic Tongue]