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Format: LP + CD
Label & Cat.Number: Empiric Records emrec 1
Release Year: 2012
Note: six years after the 7" on Drone Rec. here's the first LP for this german experimental / electro-acoustic drone project (by MIRKO UHLIG), wo loves to work with obscure / surprising / dadaistic found sounds & delicate drones, creating disturbing & dark'n'beautiful atmospheres at almost the same time; quite unique stuff, a droney mind- & earplay.... comes with bonus CD & appropriate artwork from ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE)
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"On Kindspechleber Mirko Uhlig offers a set of real disturbing tracks bsomewhere between musique concrte and cold ambient layers. The
added CD Kall Tr presents reworked sound collections from the vinyl and with this four completely new songs. As they complement
this work as whole, these recordings shouldnt be withhold. A release which shows once more that Mirko Uhlig is just a versatile experimental musician. Comes in a very appealing coverartwork by Robert Schalinski." [label info]


"This proofs absolutely nothing. What the hell do I know? Like why Mirko Uhlig once changed from using his band name Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf to his own name, and since time it's back to that moniker again. There might be a perfect logic explanation for it, but I don't know. Or perhaps I am not certain about it but the differences could be hidden inside the music. If that is the case, then I am sure these differences are quite small. Maybe with Uhlig (as Uhlig) I had the impression things were all a bit more subdued, and with Aalfang it's perhaps all a bit more louder. But maybe I just have the volume turned up more today? Here we have a LP and a CD, both of around forty minutes which offer a sufficient insight in the world of Uhlig. Mood music is the best description but perhaps not mood music in the 'classic' drone sense, but more like a story telling. Uhlig uses long form sounds, drones if you will, but cuts it along with spoken word, children's voices, radio which gives the music a strange surrealistic notion. Will you be surprised if I bring up the name Nurse With Wound in this respect? It has that same estranged atmosphere here as on say 'Spiral Insana', like a wicked radio play, or a montage of film voices from a horror movie, but also with samples from a spaghetti western towards the end of 'Les Mouches Volantes'. If I understood matters correctly, the CD is Uhlig taking the sounds from the LP into a whole new world, a recycled version as we would have said so in the 1980s. Now to proof my point I don't know much. The LP sounds differently than the CD. The CD could be more Uhlig than Aalfang (am I still making sense?). with more subdued textured tones, more ambient, more Hafler Trio than the wounded nurse. It's great that both come to us as Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf as they fit along each other quite well. First play the record to get in a scary mood, and then the CD to relax and contemplate about what just happened. Great work, I must say, but I guess I have been a converted fan for quite some time." [FdW/Vital Weekly]