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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Editions Mego emego 156
Release Year: 2012
Note: sounds like inert masses morphing slowly in complete darkness.. the new collab by the Scandinavic drone-surrealists, again with an obscure story behind (see press text)
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"Last winter we got snowed in, luckily we were at the studio, so with no food or drinks, we had to take our minds of the fact that we'll have to spend the time locked in until the snow melted, so we decided to work on new recordings influenced by the situation. The snow is all up over the window, It might be even up over the top of the house, and from time to time we had the feeling that we may have been asleep for a week, for all we know. We couldn't even tell what day it was, or whether we had slept one night, or two nights, or even longer. Looking out at the windows was like looking at a detuned TV set, reflecting just flickering green lights from the electronic equipment, sometimes vanishing and re-appearing in the blink of an eye. The only attempt of contact from the outside were by pointing powerful microphones through the masses of snow, trying to monitor any or little activity, whooshing noises, static bursts, buzzing melodies even voices. As we doctored the tapes of our recordings we seemed to have created weaknesses in space and we developed a total, complete darkness finding ourselves out of this world, traveling without moving, into the flickering green light.' Made in Iceland and Germany. Cover images made by Franz Graf." [label info]


"Having missed out on the two previous releases by BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa (no doubt because it was too expensive to mail a LP over), I got this one handed over by one of the two members of Stilluppsteypa and its good to see this to be an ongoing collaborative concern since 2005, and with a small catalogue of great records. This is not a project that is about doing something wild, new and exciting all the time. Maybe you could even say that, give or take, all of their records are similar affairs. You could also see it as a conceptual, minimalist artwork, which is what I prefer in this case. All of their music is drone based, synth based and field recordings based. All three of these elements are always heavily treated, making the original sounds not sound like anything it may have, and melting all three of these into a densely layered pattern of sound. Closely knitted patterns, like a Nordic sweater with lots of lines and lots of colors, even when the colors of this music is probably all shades of black and grey. They build and build their pieces in a rather minimal vein, adding, stapling and layering their sound upon sound and yes, that's perhaps something we already heard on say 'Drykkjusivur Ohljodanna' (see Vital Weekly 548): isolationist music - even when nobody uses that term anymore these days. I said of that previous record that it was 'not holding something that is entirely new to the world of electronic music, but rather carries on a tradition, which sometimes is fair enough', but now I'd like to think that they create their own long term tradition with these side long drone pieces. The side which uses field recordings supplied by Anla Courtis is the side which has the most abrupt changes - and that might be the most significant new direction for this 'group'." [FdW/Vital Weekly]