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LAGOWSKI PRESENTS LEGION - False Dawn. 20th Anniversary Edition

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum ZOHAR 033-2
Release Year: 2012
Note: remastered re-issue of LEGIONs first album "False Down" rom 1992 (Hyperium), plus various bonus-material (7 rare / unreleased tracks, like the "Tunnelvision" 7" version (Syntactic), an early "Accurone" demo version, etc.) and three "False Dawn Revisited" remixes by GEOMATIC, ZENIAL and MACIEK SZMCZUK; comes in luxurious 6-panel digipack; icy cold cosmic ambience & machine-beat dancefloor tunes
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"20 years on, this dusty classic has gained a well deserved reissue. The new mastering was prepared by Łukasz Miernik (responsible for his excellent work on "From Earth to Sirius" compilation containing a track by S.E.T.I. - another Andrew Lagowski side-project) and the cover was redesigned by Maciej Mehring (who has done most of Zoharum's cover designs).
It has been expanded to include 7 rare/unreleased bonus tracks and has been adorned with an additional part entitled "False Dawn Revisited". The latter contains remixes of the three original tracks by Geomatic, Zenial and Maciek Szymczuk. These two additional sections give you a different perspective on "False Dawn" and LEGION's ambient stylistics. Here it is... False Dawn... to be discovered... again.
The reissue is presented in a 2CD edition in a luxurious 6-panel digipak." [label info]


"To create a work of legendary proportions is not easy, to create two is ever more difficult. Back in Vital Weekly 804 I told you about SETI's masterpiece 'Knowledge' and that I think it is very hard for Lagowski to do any more work as SETI afterwards that I thought was equally great. I forgot, probably, that Andrew Lagowski is also responsible for a great CD under the name of Legion, called 'False Dawn', which was released in 1992 and which I always regarded as a master piece of dark ambient. When I had aspirations to be some sort of ambient DJ, this is the one I always brought along. Especially the thirty five minute opening 'Colossus' was an excellent piece to stick on, with it's long synthesized, sustaining melodies and sounds dropping in and out, with the right amount of reverb, which could be used to drop in more sounds, voices perhaps or head to the bar and get another beer (let's be honest about that). Its one of those CDs that I played a lot, and after a certain point hardly again. Maybe I didn't hear this in, say, ten years, but it sounds strikingly familiar. Odd, although I am not sure if I would hear this for the first time today, I would think it would have the same impact as back then. But obviously I heard so much more music in the mean time, and so much more music with similar ideas as this. But no doubt very few do it like Lagowski did back then, with a set up of synthesizers and Cubase on an Atari, which was played in an improvisational way. Early digital, and partly analog. The other long piece, 'The Plasma Pool', is an excellent long form form quiet ambient music, with in the middle a more rhythmic short piece, an interlude between the long ambient pieces. On this double CD you'll also find bonus tracks from the same period, as well as a farewell to ambient piece from 2008, and one created especially for this re-issue from 2012 but 'Tunnelvision', from an extremely rare 7" (edition of sixty copies) and if that's not enough three remixes of the original three 'False Dawn' pieces by three Polish artists, Geomantic, Zenial and Maciek Szymczuk. That's what I would call a massive re-issue, and a mighty fine one indeed. A true genre defining classic in an excellent re-issue package. Nice to have it so complete." [FdW/Vital Weekly]