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MAEROR TRI - Emotional Engramm

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum ZOHAR 034-2
Release Year: 2012
Note: re-issue of MT's last (5th) CD with recordings made 1993-1996, released by IRIS LIGHT in 1997; showing their deeply droning spheric & harmonic side, mainly based on field recordings & guitar-sounds... unavailable for a long time, this lovely re-edition comes in a 6-panel digipack with excellent new artwork by MARCIN LOJEK
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"The reissue of a long-forgotten classic MAEROR TRI album with stunning new artwork and newly remastered sound. Back in 1997, it turned out to be the last album by this experimental trio of German droners composed of Stefan Barakah Knappe, Martin GLIT[s]CH Gitschel and Helge Siehl. The former two later formed TROUM (Zoharum releases: Autopoiesis / Nahtscato and Seeing-Ear Gods (A Continuous Journey
in Six Parts) and the latter 1000SCHOEN. During their nine-year existence, they recorded a handful of albums and cassettes with their unique mixture of minimalism, industrial, ambient and drone, exploring the brains of potential listeners. Emotional Engramm is MAEROR TRI's most refined effort to date. After years of experimenting, the group came to a characteristic sound composed of layers of
electrically/electronically-treated acoustic instruments. Their organic sound achieved the most accessible form on Emotional Engramm;. Clocking in at just under 80 minutes, the seven tracks presented here show Maeror Tri at its best.
The reissue is presented in a lavish 6-panel digipak designed by Marcin Lojek (Ibsen Design, New Nihilism label, Mantichora and Schmerz bands) with a foreword by Martyn Bates (EYELESS IN GAZA).
The album has been faithfully remastered by Lukasz Miernik (Dead Cat Mastering)." [label info]


"Originally released in 1997 on the now defunct Iris Light imprint out of England, Emotion Engramm was the final album from Maeror Tri - the haunting, post-industrial drone trio that was the precursor to the equally haunting, post-industrial drone DUO Troum. This record - more so than any of the other Maeror Tri albums - engaged the complex structures that Troum would later push through their interlocking, shadowy melodies and slow-motion, effects-heavy drone. At the same time, the concepts that went into Emotional Engramm are more closely related to the clinical psychological themes of the Maeror Tri albums Multiple Personality Disorder or Language Of Flames & Sound, as referenced by the titular engram (purposefully misspelled in the title), a Scientology term for a mental image embedded into the brain by any type of trauma - physical, emotional, psychic, or otherwise. Far from prescribing the teachings of Scientology, Maeror Tri uses that concept as a jumping off point in conjuring "resonance of control, impact, fortuity, the randomly instigated yet inedibly etched emotional memory: Kodak ghosts." It's easy to read particular passages within the frozen din of washed-out guitar noise, spectral melodies, tectonic bass rumblings, and metallic slashes of grim electronics as the seizures within the psyche that might get caught in an infinite loop for the inner-mind. Some of those images provide an emotional resonance that's deeply sad and full of despair, while others are enraged with a blackened hostility. As we mentioned, many of the ideas and strategies that went into this album continued to develop through Troum; but even so, this stands as one of the best albums that either Maeror Tri or Troum had produced." [Aquarius Records]