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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Les Productions Flourescentes FLUOR001
Release Year: 2011
Note: French trio with EMMANUEL HOLTERBACH producing a kind of hypnotic art-/noise-(kraut)"rock", instrumental &spacey with long floating/droning passages, very low-fi... "motorik soundscapes, psychedelic drones, electric hypnosis and timeless storms"; lim. 300 copies only
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Tonton Macoute is a French band formed in 2006. With a stock of cheap instruments, the trio wanted to find a dense, subtle and massive sound, in order to create motorik soundscapes, psychedelic drones, electric hypnosis and timeless storms. Rehearsals and recordings took place in a basement. Using the studio as an instrument, all the tapes were re-worked to produce this LP record titled Mureedil. Early listeners mentioned experimental rock and compared the music of Tonton Macoute to F/i, This Heat, Harmonia or Sonic Arts Union. Etienne Coussirat : guitar, keyboards, drums, percussions, etc. Emmanuel Holterbach : guitar, tapes, analog synth, etc. Jacques Masson : guitar, bass, organ, etc. Recorded from February to June 2006. Edited, mixed and mastered at Studio Fluorescent, Lyon, France from August to November 2007.
Etienne Coussirat (born in 1980) is a musician who builds impossible musical instruments and practices electro-acoustic improvisation. His work focuses on auditory perception and on the exploration of acoustic phenomena. Emmanuel Holterbach (born in 1971) plays enharmonic glasses with Orbes, offers acousmagic experiences with eHCo, rocks with Tonton Macoute and presents his kaleidoscopic sound environments in Europe, Canada and China since 1992. Hes also in charge of Eliane Radigues archives.
Jacques Masson (born in 1974) is a music fan and a music journalist. He writes poems, draws and composes electronic miniatures.
Their first LP titled Mureedil is also the first record released by Les Productions Fluorescentes, available now in an edition limited to 300 copies. [label info]