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ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE (AMT) - Where the Language might be born

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Tentacles of Perception Recordings 017
Note: a "soundsketch for radio" from sound-workshops with autistic children, recorded 1999-2000 in Belgium, also some other "sono-biotops" are mixed in (insects & fire, forest ambience, ec..); full colour cover
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"Since April 1999 I have been involved in experimental sound_workshops with autistic children and children with learning disabilities (between 3 - 10 years of physical age) in La Chanterelle School in Brussels in Belgium. My research-practice are focused on perception as the main factor determining our relationship with reality. Our perception of the surrounding world consequently influences our behaviour. Change of perception change of interest [including system of values] impact on behaviour influence on relation with outside world change (re_modulation) of reality... Impressions evoked by sound_workshops interacts with my personal work as a composer, creating direct confrontation. This confrontation became a dialogue, questioning the fundamental nature of communication beyond form, approaching the basic energetic relationship without references, rejecting the experiences of established language as a form of communication and re_building another 'language closer to unspeakable co_existence, closer to the parallel consonance based on mutual careful listening. Through the creation of a personal language, we can attempt to approach each other's worlds gently, without destroying them through ignorance, without imposing our own modes of communication. What is the aim of communication? I am searching for situations which might stimulate the desire to communicate, in a co_existentional sense - being together - where creation is the spontaneous result of such a situation. The aesthetics of language becomes a direct consequence of communication." [label info]