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ANGEL - 26000

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Editions MEGO Emego 127v
Release Year: 2012
Note: project of ILPO VAISANEN (PAN SONIC) and DIRK DRESSELHAUS (SCHNEIDER TM), creating unclassifiable experimental freeform drones, using all kinds of electronic sources & real objects (like glassbowls, metals, wood, grass, etc.), feat. many guest-musicians as HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, BJ NILSEN and OREN AMBARCHI
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"Angel is Ilpo Vaisanen (Pan sonic) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) who play time-transcending freeform sound, weightlessness and gravity of electromagnetic signals together since 1999. The 5 tracks describe the last period of a 26000 years long cycle that leads to a new situation on this planet. 26000 was recorded between 2008 and 2010 at Construction Site Studios in Berlin & Ilpo's cottage in Karttula, Finland and features guest appearences by Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen and Oren Ambarchi. The repertoire of the instruments is very wide: glassbowls, metal objects, pieces of wood, grass, birds, dragonflies, lake echo, smoking box and the regular electronic equipment as well as acoustic instruments. Hildur plays cello & the halldorophon (a kind of cello that feeds itself back). Oren plays percussion & guitar. Benny did field recordings and processing. All mixed by Angel at Dirk's newly built studio called Zone and mastered by Rashad Becker in Berlin. It's all good in the tummy, boys, because the Black Sabbath parts were totally AC/DC." [label info]


"Angel, being the on and off collaboration between Pan Sonic's Ilpo Vaisanen and Schneider TM's Dirk Dresselhaus has been going since 1999 (although the first release was in 2002) and now releases their sixth album, with guest appearances of Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen and Oren Ambarchi. Vaisanen and Dresselhaus use a variety of instruments, such as glassbowls, metal objects, pieces of wood, grass, birds, dragonflies, lake echo, smoking box as well as 'regular electronic equipment and acoustic instruments. Plus, I'd say, lots of sound effects. The music has very little to do with that of Pan Sonic and Schneider Щ. This is much more an album of moods and textures - like before actually. How exactly these textures are created, I don't know, but they work pretty well, especially in the long piece which they recorded with Oren Ambarchi, for me easily the best piece of the CD. Slow music, with lots of field recordings, sturdy electronic processing thereof, but also with a weird percussive piece like 'In' and its counterpart 'Out'. Those two pieces sound like odd balls at the beginning, but are place on the CD in such a way that it does make great sense, perfect counterpoints in the world of otherworldly drone music." [FdW/Vital Weekly]