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MYRNINEREST - Journey to Avebury. A Soundtrack to the Film by Derek Jarman

Format: 12inch
Label & Cat.Number: The Spheres THE SPHERES FIVE
Release Year: 2012
Note: new soundtrack to JHONN BALANCE's favourite JARMAN film from 1971 - a one-sided 12" (13+ min.) with a mesmerizing, highly melancholic ambient-piece (guitar, piano, voice) based on a theme by JAMES BLACKSHAW; feat. ANDREW LILES & MICHAEL CASHMORE, lim. 1000
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"Journey to Avebury (THE SPHERES FIVE) is MYRNINERESTs soundtrack to Derek Jarmans film of the same nameJhonn Balances favourite film by Jarmanand has been issued to commemorate MYRNINERESTs London concert on 4 August and features David Michael on vocals, Andrew Liles on electric rain, and Michael Cashmore on piano, based on a theme by James Blackshaw. This one-sided 12" record comes in a full colour sleeve. The piece is 13:36 in length. 1,000 copies have been made." [label info]