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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC361
Release Year: 2012
Note: re-issue of now impossible to find first LP in the "Totem-trilogy" (Conspiracy Records 2009) by the Seattle-based collective doing their "West Coast Death Cult Outer Space Gamelan"; experimental psyched out ceremonial muzak; feat. members of EARTH & BURNING WITCH and guest ALAN BISHOP (SUN CITY GIRLS); ed. of 1000
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"Vinyl reissue of the impossible to find first release in MMOB's Totem trilogy. Edition of 1000 copies. Like a reverse dark side of the New Age sound, on the Totem series Master Musicians of Bukkake perform ritualistic electric excursions into the outer and inner reaches. Relying more on the electric power of psyched guitars, analog synth chants, and exotic heavy percussion, Totem One echoes with the delusions of a West Coast Death cult. Outer spaced Gamelan, dusty fuzz rock from celestial deserts, meditations of a deranged Krishna gathering, and the blurry acoustic guitar majesty of the Cascade mountains all reveal themselves here in epic form on Totem One. Every sound and note played was put to tape by a group with a singular purging purpose. Totem One also features Vocals by MMOB honorary member Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls." [label info]