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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Remote Viewers RV10
Release Year: 2012
Note: newest album by the British "avantgarde-Jazz" ensemble, thematically based around the texts of WYSTAN HUGH AUDEN
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"A new statement by The Remote Viewers, who stole my heart some ago with their Nerve Cure album. City of Nets is latest effort of this sextet. Again with John Edwards (double bass, cello, drum programming), Caroline Kraabel (baritone sax), Sue Lynch (tenor sax), Rosa Lynch-Northover (keyboards, percussion), Adrian Northover (soprano, sopranino, alto saxes) and David Petts (tenor sax, noise generator). And again they prove themselves to be masters of understatement in 10 well-defined complex compositions. Pieces are divided into rhythm-based pieces, with no wonder a role for percussion, all down to earth pieces. Where the other half consists of pieces that are far more atonal and with the beat stripped. Like the extensive The Wiring Party that is near to sound-oriented improvisation, or Strange Welcome with a spooky mellotron-like tone on the forefront. Everything is composed by David Petts. Fine arrangements as well .Very pronounced playing and musical form. A crystal clear recording that makes it possible to register and enjoy every detail." [DM/Vital Weekly]