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Format: mCDR
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm87
Release Year: 2012
Note: new composition (20 min.) dedicated to JEROME NOETINGER feat. FRANCISCO LOPEZ sources, using various insect field recordings made in Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Czech Rep.: termites, ants, sting-less bees, leaf-hoppers, electric insects, hermit crabs, bee-hives... for an other-dimensional musique concrete journey
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"active since the early 90's, czech composer slavek kwi is considered as a master for field recordings and electroacoustic music. this piece, dedicated to metamkine's boss jerome noetinger, was commissioned for "l'audible festival" which took place at "les instants chavirs" near paris, france, in 2011. based upon various selected insect recordings made between 1994 and 2011, "chitin" will not disappoint fans of precise and carefully composed field recordings based piece." [label info]